Join Us For The Mill Tour

"At SSAB Iowa, we make the steel that builds and moves our world!"

Together, nearly 500 highly skilled employees at our mill near the Quad Cities are leading SSAB’s vision for a stronger, lighter, and more sustainable world. In fact, our steel is made from more than 96% recycled material, using renewable energy, and it’s 100% recyclable. SSAB Americas is a leading supplier of plate for North American bridge and infrastructure projects.

Note: There will be no planned speakers for Wednesday. The full conference will be contained on a very busy day on Tuesday, October 18.

The Iowa mill tour will be approximately two hours and will follow the steel production process from the meltshop, through the continuous casting, slab reheating, rolling, finishing, and shipping operations.

We are excited and grateful that our friend and colleague Dave Stoddard, Applications Engineering at the Bettendorf Plant who has been able to arrange this tour for North Central States attendees.

We will start with a bus leaving the hotel at 7:30 in the morning and a second bus departing at 8 am. As each individual tour would take more than two hours we should be done by noon at the latest.

Each tour group is led by an SSAB team member knowledgeable of the steelmaking process and navigating the layout of the mill. We also have a shepherd to ensure that the group stays together.

Important: We need the names of attendees and their employers before they arrive at the mill. They will need a photo ID when they sign in at the mill. In the case of a competitor, we would have to get management approval (or denial) before they could attend, and if they were denied, it should be done before they arrive at the mill.